ACGS believes that animals have a right to a non-speciesist, cruelty-free life. They need to be recognised as sentient beings, no different from humans, and must be included in the global social justice movement along with all the other liberation movements.


ACGS’s mission is to create a gentle, nurturing, loving and compassionate sanctuary for old, sick, abandoned and lonely animals. We believe every animal that comes through our gates is special and is worthy of quality care, good nutrition, medical attention and tons of affection. Our aim is to create a happy forever home for each permanent resident till the end of their lives whether at the sancutary or through our adoption programme.


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New Arrival

RAZIA & SULTANA - Every now and then, ACGS is blessed with an unexpected gift. This time it's little baby donkey, Razia. Razia’s mum, Sultana, came from Jaipur to live in ACGS and presented us with Razia. There are several donkeys who are permanent residents, all...

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Chikoo came in as a scrawny, forlorn little lamb with no wool on his back and his hind leg turned the other way. He had the saddest expression that a lamb could possibly have. We bathed and fed him and placed him with the goats in their pen. Chikoo’s  leg has turned...

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ABC Programme

ACGS follows a very strict and rigorous ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme developed by WHO as the only practical solution to control the street dog population and eradicate rabies Dogs and cats are spay-neutered and male herbivores are castrated. ACGS expanded its...

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The Farm

As part of ACGS’ commitment to the environment and holistic food, we have a small organic produce area where we grow fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. We use this area to experiment with non-invasive, benign and indigenous methods of planting and cultivation. In the...

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This young little mama, Silky, and her three pups were tied up in a gunny bag and dumped on the side of the road. She was scared and insecure and kept growling at all. Today, she’s a happy spayed girl and her pups are growing up in the campus.

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A bunch of the sweetest Pomeranians were rescued from the Great Eastern Circus. ACGS collaborates with various NGOs offering a loving and peaceful forever home to many rescued animals. Since their arrival, many have been adopted.

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Sylvester And Gand

The emu farming experiment in India ended in a disaster with lakhs of birds being abandoned and left to fend for themselves. A handful of these birds now live in ACGS with a large emu run. Some of them actually come up to you and fearlessly snuggle. They are lovely,...

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Chintu, the sweetest little spitz-mix boy came to ACGS trailing a horror story behind him. He was rescued from an owner who tortured him so much. Apparently, he had burnt his ears with cigarettes and made a hole in it which then became infected, full of maggots....

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